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Everyone want’s free psn codes. However, most websites fall short of offering these codes. Even if you complete surveys and you unlock the codes chances are you will end up with an invalid card code. Most of the time you end up searching for what seems to be a life time and you think you got lucky and wasted another 5 hours just to unlock a fake code. We at psnboy exactly how frustrating this is. This is why we have developed a strategy for our visitors to get what they want absolutely free of charge. Psnboy understands that most people that are looking for free psn codes don’t have the money required to purchase these codes. This is why we have taken the pledge to always provide psn codes with out having to pay any money for them. By using Psnboy you can take advantage of our free psn codes and take heart that they will always be authentic and unredeemed.

So how do you claim these codes?

Well we purchase these codes and upload them to our file system. The file system is hack proof and secures our psn codes from people redeeming them. All you have to do is unlock the codes and redeem them to your Playstation network. The concept is simple but many people fail to understand how to unlock these codes properly. Since Playstation network card codes cost money we can’t just give them away. We make our advertisers pay the cost of the codes by supplying our visitors with surveys and downloads.

free psn codes

Then how do you unlock the free psn codes?

First you need to take note of how many credits the psn codes require to be unlocked. So if it requires 10 credits you will need to create 10 email addresses. You don’t want to use your real email address because you can get spammed to death. So for every survey you complete you will need a new email address. By using or you can create a new email address in just about a minute. So it would take around 10 minutes to prep to get the credits.

Second, you will need to enter in real information. Our advertisers have a highly accurate anti fraud system so for those who will put in fake addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses you wont get credit for the offers you complete. So be sure that you enter real information into the offers before you submit.

Third, you will get to the point in the survey where you will be asked to opt in for other surveys. It is highly recommended to opt in and say “yes” and complete the offer until the end of the page. Say yes and opt into at least three offers so you can get the credits required for the free psn codes.

Fourth, Once your done with the surveys or offers you must clear your cookies. The advertisers save the offers as cookies stored on your computer. So if you continue to a new survey and haven’t cleared your cookies there is a chance that the advertiser will see the cookie and not over ride it. After every survey is complete just press ctrl+shfit+del and uncheck everything besides cookies.

Fifth, leave the survey page open until it credits. Usually it will credit instantly. However, some times takes a few minutes in order for the survey to complete. Just leave the page open until it does.

Sixth and final step, Not all surveys are created equal. We wish that all offers give credit but the fact is that not all do for some reason or another. So speed matters. Don’t focus on one survey going through. Focus on completing all of the surveys as quickly as possible and on the number of credits needed to download the free psn codes. If you stick with it and complete the offers and ignore the ones that don’t go through then your psn code will unlock.

Want PSN Code Free 06-06-13

PSN CODE FREE 06-06-13

psn code free

I’m sure that everyone would want a psn code free. Well, I’m very happy to announce that last night some one unlocked our $20 Playstation Network Card code. This code was on our site for a very long time. We did a little bit of blogging last night and some one went all the way to the download page. Now, they didn’t say thank you and I don’t know who they are but I’m sure they’re really happy. Heck, that’s why we do this. We pay for the codes and then who ever wants a psn code free has to do a little work. Yeah sure a lot of people drop out and fail the redemption process. The people that go all the way through to the download page and redeem their code are rewarded by not giving up.

There are a lot of people that would jump on the chance to get a psn code free. However, almost all of them talk the talk and can’t walk the walk. Most people will ask me if I can get them a $50 psn code. So I’ll drive to GameStop and pick one up, add it to the website and give them the link. Of course they don’t get it because they gave up to easily. To be honest those who fail only fail themselves. Those that succeed will be rewarded with a psn code free. It’s not that hard to comprehend!

So with my little rant, I have added a new psn code free. You can click the link above the image above to continue.


  • Our advertisers have anti fraud detection software in place. Any fake information will be found and credits will not be given for the offer.
  • Use to generate email addresses. Don’t use your real email or you will get spammed.
  • Say yes to 3 offers in the path of the survey
  • If you download an application or game make sure you run the software. You may uninstall it after you receive credit for it.
  • Clear your cookies after each offer or they will stop going through.
  • Use a new email address on each offer.
  • Use real phone numbers

Free PSN Code june 06-05-13

Get Free PSN Codes Now!


I know that many of you might be looking for free psn codes. As a website that has given out a few hundred dollars in free psn codes I must say that we have done a good job so far in our rewards. Yet there are still a few people that feel that we aren’t doing a good job. I would like to point out that those naysayers are just lame kids that want to get a free psn code with out doing anything for it. Like we’re really good friends will just hand over a free psn code with out anything in exchange. However, ignoring all of those beggars their have been a hand full of people that have genuinely received a free psn code or black ops 2 revolution map packs. So today we are giving away another free psn code. This code is for the fastest redeemer. Here are the rules, y0u must click on the link above to go to the website. Once there you will need to click on either the $10 or $50 free psn code. Follow the instructions. Please note: if you stop completing the advertisements then you may come back later. Always remember to clear your cookies after each advertisement. Enter real information on every offer. Fake info will just waste your time. Good luck!